SELIG Ambiental

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In order to operate in Brazil, offshore units (dedicated response boats, seismic vessels, supply boats, drilling rigs and drillships) must be inspected and approved by IBAMA the federal environmental agency in Brazil.

Aware of the consequences related to operation delays, SELIG Ambiental carries out inspections of these units (pre-IBAMA inspections) to evaluate the necessary modifications to attend to Brazilian environmental legislation, before coming to Brazil. We also offer the option of coordinating the preparation process in order to guarantee that the unit is completely ready to operate and will pass the IBAMA inspection smoothly.

We work in symphony with IBAMAs requirements and with the necessities of each client, making sure that the unit will be approved to operate in Brazilian waters.

We are proud to report that 100% of the offshore units that have been inspected and/ or prepared by SELIG Ambiental were approved by IBAMA upon the first inspection, without causing delays in operation.

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