SELIG Ambiental

go safe. go green.

Amplius juvat virtus, quam multitudo.

Created in 2007, Selig Ambiental´s goal is to assist offshore companies in operating in Brazil in accordance with Brazilian environmental requirements, starting with passing IBAMA´s inspection.

We are constantly updating our knowledge in regards to IBAMA´s requirements and providing each client with the appropriate solution, in order to assure that the units are approved upon the first inspection, reducing the costs that come from delays and downtime.

We indicate and provide the necessary material for the preparation of the unit as well as documents which will guarantee that the unit operates unit within the required standards.

The company

- 13 years working in the environmental arena;

- 7 years working as environmental coordinator for offshore projects;

- Over 30 successful inspections;

- Specialist in Offshore Waste Management.

About us

Pedro Botafogo

Director/ Technical Coordinator

and our experience

Experience with:

- Dedicated response and supply boats;

- Drillships and drilling rigs;

- Seismic vessels

Each client, a different need

100% approval rate (until now)

Professionalism and commitment

Preparation of the unit

Support during all of the phases of the process